May 14, 2019
Filoxenia Conference Centre

Under the Auspice

Next Generation Cyber Security

The Digital Transformation that takes place at all levels of our live, has been creating an ever-changing environment, where, among other things, characterize the new generation challenges to the Cyber Security and Data Protection.

In this complex digital ecosystem, new online threats to businesses and public organizations are emerging that are unpredictable, more advanced and harder to detect than traditional techniques and conventional ways and means of Cyber Protection that we had in the past years.

A radical overhaul of Cyber Security strategies is needed, that is based on new generation technologies, modern and integrated security solutions, which they can better and more efficiency deal with the cybercrime.

This need will be marked, for the upgrading of Cyber Security strategies and policies with the adoption of New Generation Technologies and Services, at the second event of the Infocom Security Cyprus Conference (www.infocomsecurity.com.cy), which shall be held on 23 May 2019 in Nicosia.

The 2nd Infocom Security Cyprus Conference will be again a great opportunity to inform the Cyprus market, but also all those who are more interested in the area, about:

  • The evolution of digital threats and the current forms of cybercrime
  • Trends, Technologies, Solutions and Digital Security Services
  • Data Protection

Sponsors’ Expo

During the 2nd InfoCom Security Cyprus Conference, an exhibition of the sponsors will be taking place, giving visitors the opportunity to network with companies active in Cyber Security services and solutions as well as meetings with IT executives in order to discuss with each other and exchange knowledge, views and experiences, in the specially designed Conference venue.

A Top Meeting of IT Professionals

The 1st Conference of InfoCom Security Cyprus in 2018 was successful, attracting more than 700 visitors, including high-level executives and IT professionals, from businesses and organizations from all sector of Cyprus.

This year’s conference will be attended by IT executives (CTOs, CIOs, IT Managers, IT Administrators, IT Security Managers, IT Auditors, etc.) from large and medium private companies and public sector organizations covering all the vertical markets, professionals from Information Technology Channels that are involved in the implementation of projects and the provision of IT solutions, as well as scientists, researchers, academics and people with a wider interest in this area


The InfoCom Security Cyprus Conference will organized by SmartPress and SmartCom with supporting pillars in the IT Security Professional magazines (www.itsecuritypro.gr) and InfoCom (www.infocom.gr) and www.digitallifr.com.cy , and will have the institutional auspices of important the field of Information Technology.